CallRail Review‍

CallRail strives to raise the profile of marketers who depend on high-quality inbound leads to increase success and maintain growth. Find out if the CallRail application is appropriate for you. To help you choose the best business management software for yourself or your firm, we'll go over some of its main features in this review.



Businesses of all sizes can easily convert more leads into better clients with the help of CallRail. Our marketing analytics and business communications solutions, which serve more than 200,000 enterprises and integrate with top marketing and sales tools, provide real-time information that assists our customers in marketing with confidence.

CallRail places a high premium on providing customers with a comprehensive view of their digital marketing activities. CallRail aims to help customers achieve better results by surfacing and linking data from calls, forms, chat, and other sources that are frequently disregarded by other marketing tools or analytics platforms. The company claims that CallRail's leads-focused analytics platform simplifies the online marketing strategies of its customers.

‍What is CallRail?

CallRail is a business management software that helps you track your marketing campaigns and measure their success. It's a great tool for businesses that want to track their ROI and measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

CallRail has developed its award-winning platform from G2's top-rated incoming call monitoring software to include solutions for corporate communications, form tracking, and conversation intelligence. Top marketing and sales platforms like HubSpot, Facebook, Salesforce, Google Ads, and Analytics, as well as current workflows, are all effortlessly integrated with CallRail.

Who Should Use CallRail?

CallRail is ideal for marketing firms, data-driven marketers, companies with several locations, small business owners, and anyone else whose company depends on high-quality inbound calls to expand. Serving more than 200,000 businesses and integrating with leading marketing and sales software, our marketing analytics and business communications solutions deliver real-time insights that help our customers market with confidence.

Businesses of all sizes can easily convert more leads into better clients with the help of CallRail. CallRail's marketing analytics and business communications software provide real-time information that enables customers to market with confidence. 

Additionally, CallRail's partner program provides chances for affiliate, agency, and technology partnerships, assisting companies in earning, expanding, and developing with CallRail. CallRail makes it simpler for its partners to grow their businesses, draw clients with higher lifetime values and split the profits from referral purchases.

CallRail Key Features

CallRail is easy to use and provides a lot of great features, including:

  • Call tracking
    CallRail tracks all of your incoming calls, including the source and destination of each call. This information can help you determine which marketing campaigns are generating the most leads. CallRail does not delete contacts from the list of call-tracking users.
  • Call recording
    CallRail allows you to record all of your calls, so you can listen to them later and learn from them.
  • Call analytics
    CallRail provides detailed analytics on all of your calls, so you can see how they're performing and identify areas for improvement.
  • Alongside calls, attribute forms
    Form tracking allows you to monitor and react to form submissions.
  • Analyze and record phone calls
    Utilize Conversation Intelligence to identify keywords and qualify leads.
  • Close any data gaps
    Identify your top lead sources and demonstrate ROI with robust reporting.
  • Learn what causes lead to call
    You can have more intelligent talks thanks to built-in lead intelligence.
  • Set up sales to be successful
    Selling is made simple by effective call management and significant lead data.
  • Cooperate as a team
    Provide excellent service to leads regardless of who answers the phone.

Overall, CallRail is easy to use and provides a lot of great features, making it a valuable addition to any business toolkit.

CallRail Pros and Cons


  • CallRail is easy to use
  • CallRail provides a lot of great features, including call tracking, call recording, and call analytics
  • CallRail is a great tool for businesses that want to track their marketing efforts and measure their ROI
  • Understanding and Measuring Conversions
  • Reporting in real-time
  • Functions related to marketing agency perspective
  • People can view how many calls are a direct result of their website by only displaying CallRail phone numbers on their site.


  • CallRail is a bit expensive
  • CallRail doesn't have a mobile app
  • The dynamically inserted numbers occasionally go wrong and fail to gather the data necessary for attribution.
  • It takes some practice to get the hang of reporting, but once you do, it's not that bad.

CallRail Pricing Detail

Every account comes with call recording, leading integrations, session-level tracking, and an unlimited number of clients and users.

Call Tracking Service

Call-based marketing campaigns provide a measurable, auditable, and demonstrable return on investment. The price starts at $45 per month, which includes call and text monitoring and attribution, call routing, 5 local lines, and 250 local minutes.

Tracking calls and intelligence

Record and examine conversations to gain deeper marketing insights. Starting at $95 per month, with Call Tracking, you also get call transcripts and keyword analysis.

Tracking Calls and Forms

Price starts at $95 per month, which includes calls to marketing sources as well as form submissions to Attribute. It includes all the features of Call tracking plus form monitoring and a built-in form creator.

Call Tracking Software Complete

Prices start at $145 per month, which includes a single solution for tracking, analyzing, and optimizing calls and forms. All the features of Call Tracking plus call recordings, keyword research, form monitoring, and built-in form creator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I make a different login for each of my clients if I have several of them?

A. In your account, you can make distinct companies and client logins for your clients. Only their call tracking information will be available to each of your clients.

Q. Can I store a certain number of destination phone numbers in my account?

A. You are allowed to have an unlimited number of destination phone numbers. Each tracking phone number can be diverted to a different destination number at your discretion.

Q. How much time is required to obtain a phone number?

A. There are phone numbers available and prepared for use right away.

Q. Can I have a certain number of phone numbers in one account?

A. You may trace as many phone numbers as your company requires with CallRail. For a nominal monthly cost, additional telephone numbers are made available.