GoHighLevel CRM Reviews [Pros and Cons]

GoHighLevel CRM Reviews [Pros and Cons]

In general, GoHighLevel is one of the greatest Fully - featured Sales & Management Platforms, as we shall discover in these GoHighLevel reviews. GoHighLevel is a dashboard-based all-in-one marketing solution platform that includes several marketing tools.

Simply said, GoHighLevel offers Customer relationship management, funnel building, email marketing automation, SMS automation, appointment and booking systems, lead generation (for course producers), marketing automation software, and much more.

I feel confident in saying that GoHighLevel is among the most cutting-edge online marketing tools and platforms after considering dozens of them.



GoHighLevel is a Customer relationship management for marketing agencies that helps businesses and marketing firms attract and retain more clients. The software's main objective is to assist business owners in increasing their customer base through clever marketing techniques, nurturing more sales leads, retaining current clients, and finding new consumers.

GoHighLevel offers all the tools you need for marketing and sales in one convenient platform, saving you from having to use numerous different services. It simplifies the procedure for you allowing you to concentrate on meeting the needs of your clients. GoHighLevel has a ton of helpful tools, and the online app is simple and has a short learning curve. These elements combine well to make servicing clients a simple and satisfying experience for all parties involved.

What Is GoHighLevel? 

GoHighLevel is a comprehensive software program that enables you to automate sales procedures, manage customer connections, and increase lead creation all from a single platform. CRM solutions like GoHighLevel can be useful when you need an additional set of hands (or, in this case, minds) to complete a task. This time, though, you won't need to juggle many platforms because everything you require is provided on a single platform.

Considering the number of tools neatly stacked within the GoHighLevel, purchasing the software rather than each third-party tool individually may result in cost savings. You might not require all the features of GoHighLevel, but you should still pay for them even if you don't need them. Shaun Clark is the creator of GoHighLevel. To grow and automate for small businesses and agencies, Shaun established GoHighLevel in 2018.

Who Should Use GoHighLevel?

The designers of GoHighLevel see it as an exclusive sales and marketing platform. It is therefore advised for advertisers and agencies. However, the software has several amazing capabilities that could be useful for those in different occupations.

However, it is frequently suggested to internet business owners. Consequently, it might be a sole proprietorship for photography, a business, or a competent marketer.

The platform is ideal for you if you are a:

Marketing Firm

Marketers were considered when creating GoHighLevel. Therefore, you can benefit from this program regardless of whether you construct websites, run social media ads, or provide other types of marketing services. Given that it is a powerful CRM system, you may use it to give customers extra value.

It also helps individuals looking for a fresh and simple technique to get clients for your digital marketing agencies. You may interact with new consumers and automate your procedures rapidly. You may increase your value after you start connecting with clients by offering first-rate services.


Most of the clients that real estate brokers currently find are online. Customers might get in touch with you to collaborate with them after viewing and liking your listings.

You may reach more clients, broaden the scope of your business, and market it with the aid of GoHighLevel. More leads will increase your chances of making a lot of money, and eventually, your business will reach its maximum potential.

Network marketer

These days, affiliate marketing is a widespread activity. Many people sign up for affiliate programs and profit handsomely from them. To thrive in this field, you must have strong marketing and selling abilities.

Services like GoHighLevel can help with that. You may rapidly create and oversee your marketing campaigns using this tool. With accessible client accounts, you can manage several clients as well.

Your effectiveness as an affiliate program will increase because it makes your work simple and enables you to utilize all available marketing channels.

Funnel Creator

The software offers a button for websites and funnels that allows you to create landing pages and funnels that your customers can utilize to gather leads. You can distribute your funnels to consumers or prospects after you've created them.

Users of GoHighLevel can also import ClickFunnels funnels for rapid changeover. It is also important to note that website builders benefit from the platform. With the help of the given tools, you may create and design your website and link it to your URL.

Online Module Designer 

Go High Level enables you to design and market online or membership-based courses. A membership website on the platform is appropriate for those who design online courses. So, if you work in this field and own a membership website, you can transfer it to GoHighLevel.

A unique domain can be added to your website. Additionally, people have access to a visual editor for use in modifying the material of their online courses. Once finished, they can publish the video clip. In addition, you may include a snippet image next to the title of your course outline. We must also point out that the site is not advised for e-commerce stores with a large inventory of products.

GoHighLevel Key Features

GoHighLevel will help you condense everything into one location so you can stop using your expensive products if you're using a lot of different solutions to hold your marketing systems together. In this GoHighLevel review, we'll go over all the key features of the app.

GoHighLevel enables you to:

  • Establish a thorough company website and connect it to your domain.
  • With ClickFunnels, you can easily switch platforms by creating sales funnels, sharing them with potential clients, or even importing funnels from other platforms.
  • Control your advertising campaigns and several clients through client accounts.
  • Create membership websites to inform potential customers and provide digital products.
  • Manage prospects using the integrated CRM 
  • Create fantastic autoresponders, email marketing campaigns, and more.
  • Create voicemail, call tracking, SMS marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Automate your marketing
  • Build landing pages and funnels
  • Use a tool for scheduling appointments online.
  • Manage your pipeline and CRM
  • Step Up Your SMS Marketing
  • Exceptional Reputation Management
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Management of content

GoHighLevel Pros and Cons

GoHighLevel Pros

  • 14-day free trial
  • Responsive web builder with membership features and a funnel builder
  • You may dispense with distinct, more expensive services thanks to an all-in-one solution.
  • Automating tools, SMS marketing, and built-in email systems
  • White-labeled choices and agency portals are excellent for client work
  • Excellent Assistance
  • Reduces time
  • Saving money
  • Mobile Application

GoHighLevel Cons

  • Email tool integration is not possible (only SMTPs)
  • At best, customer support is mediocre.
  • Fewer integrations than some of their rivals
  • Compared to some of their rivals, it takes more time to learn.
  • New users may become overwhelmed by the sheer number of functions.

GoHighLevel Pricing Details

You might have a question if the GoHighLevel subscription makes sense for your needs and business. There are several tiers to this program, each of which offers extra features and choices. Choose the package that provides you with the tools you require the most, and then get going.

GoHighLevel account offers tremendous value by assisting you in centralizing your marketing tools, which ultimately results in cost savings. Consider how much you could save on your entire marketing stack: Let's examine all the possibilities.

Go High Level for 14 Days for Free

HighLevel is available for a 14-day, risk-free trial. To form your GoHighLevel login, simply visit the website and input some simple details like your name, email address, and phone number. The next step is to choose between the Agency Starter Account and the Agency Unlimited Account as your preferred tier.

Your credit card will be requested after you create an account, but it won't be charged right away. If you don't terminate your subscription by the end of the 14-day trial period, you will be debited for the plan you selected.

You will indeed be able to utilize all of the features there in the High-Level pricing category you chose for those 14 days. You may test the entire system out to see whether it can benefit your company.

Agency Starter Account, $97 Monthly

You will have access to all you require for a single firm with the Agency Starter Account. The majority of the system's functions are made available to one business at this tier.

You have access to all the essential tools as well as You have access to Twilio through it, and that company offers you the GoHighLevel Application programming interface for two-way texting. A Mailgun service, which permits limitless sending, can also be created.

You can use the agency plan's single account login to access either your own or a client's account; otherwise, you must be on the Agency Unlimited plan. If you are new to marketing and are just getting your feet wet, the agency plan is a great choice. Just as the name implies, it is a fantastic place to begin.

Agency Unlimited Account, $297/Month

All the features of the Agency Starter Account are included in the Agency Unlimited Account, along with some extra bonuses like sub-accounts.

For customers and other businesses, you are free to create quite as many accounts as necessary. Making a desktop program with your branding is also possible. When clients and consumers use the app, you may configure it to feel especially tailored to your company.

For companies of any size, Agency Unlimited Accounts is an ideal choice. It enables you to design a distinctive, tailored consumer experience.

The GoHighLevel White Label Option Costs $497 More Per Month

You can utilize the Agency Unlimited Account's White Label Option as an add-on. It costs an extra $497 per month, totaling $794.

It enables you to create a personalized white-label mobile app. You may access your information from your phone with the app, and you can give your customers a special mobile experience. Additionally, you can use a customized Zapier zap that seems excellent for your business automation.

You can sell yourself in more original ways with the GoHighLevel White Label Option.

Your firm will be able to add a new source of income, and your clients will enjoy a more polished and lasting user experience. This distinctive design will make your business stand out from the competition. It increases the visibility and recognizability of your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the purpose of Go High Level?

A. Go High Level serves a variety of purposes. People can use it for appointment scheduling, nurturing, follow-ups, creating a sales funnel, using it like a CRM, white signage, establishing a reputation, etc.

Q. Go High Level: Is it a CRM?

A. GHL is a platform for marketing used by companies and agencies. It enables people to provide top-notch management of customer relationship services. Inbound calls, Text messaging, lead analytics, landing pages, meetings, and other client demands may all be managed with CRM.

Q. What precisely is a CRM tool?

A. Businesses utilize customer relationship management (CRM) as a tool or technique to arrange customer data. It can be used by individuals to keep track of communications and develop relationships with their clients.

Q. Does Go High Level Merge with Linkedin?

A. Yes. However, if you want to send data from Go HighLevel to LinkedIn or the other way around, you will need to use Zapier. As a result, your business might expand as you generate leads from this forum.

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