BuzzSumo Review

Unsure if the BuzzSumo is right for you? Check out our comprehensive review of its main features and benefits in this post!

See if the BuzzSumo program is a good fit for you. We'll go through its main characteristics in this review so you can choose the best content marketing tool for you or your business. 

BuzzSumo is the all-in-one content marketing solution that delivers you the content research and performance insights you need, quickly. It was founded in 2013 and has since gained the love of marketers all around the world.

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BuzzSumo Overview

BuzzSumo is a content analysis tool that allows you to see the most popular content across social media platforms. It also allows you to see the engagement of each post, including shares, likes, and comments. This can be a great way to gauge what content is resonating with your audience and further tailor your content strategy.

With just one straightforward BuzzSumo subscription, you can access all social media networks, extensive content analysis, influencers, hot news stories, and media notifications, among other things. With more than 300 trillion engagements, 8 billion articles, and millions more indexed every day, BuzzSumo is the largest index of social engagement data in the world. This ensures that the information you receive is reliable.

What is BuzzSumo?

A cloud-based software called BuzzSumo can assist you in finding the finest engagement, content, and outreach options on social media and search. While keeping an eye on what matters most to your brand, discover fresh keywords, popular articles, customer inquiries, and successful content strategies.

BuzzSumo offers a great deal of flexibility and customization, allowing you to see the most popular content for specific topics, hashtags, or even competitor accounts. You can also set up alerts to be notified any time new content is published that meets your criteria. This can help ensure you're always on top of the latest industry trends and conversations.

BuzzSumo has four main functional areas: content discovery, content research, media monitoring, and influencer research. How you use BuzzSumo will depend on your goals. BuzzSumo is used for:

  • Investigate fresh and timeless content concepts
  • Support the management of crises
  • Create a plan for organic content
  • Reduce digital ad spend
  • Analyze the competition
  • Investigate news tracking
  • Tracking mentions and producing media reports
  • Investigate following breaking news
  • Cross-channel performance monitoring

Who Should Use BuzzSumo?

Any organization that wants to improve its content marketing efforts should use BuzzSumo. It's an incredibly powerful tool that provides a wealth of data that can be used to create better content. It's easy to use and provides insights that can help you see what content is resonating with your audience.

If you're looking for a way to improve your content marketing efforts, BuzzSumo is a great option. BuzzSumo is the largest index of social engagement data in the world, making it a reliable source of information. Overall, BuzzSumo is an incredibly powerful tool that can be a valuable asset for any organization's content strategy.

Key Features

BuzzSumo has been in use for a while, and users are still amazed by its features. If you want to set up real-time monitoring, do content or influencer study, or both, it packs a punch. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that BuzzSumo is extremely popular among content marketers. To use the content search feature, navigate to discover the content ideas generator.

With a few current hot subjects, we tested BuzzSumo's capabilities. Here are 6 BuzzSumo features to whet your appetite.

View the most popular content marketing strategy

The most shared content report on BuzzSumo is one of its most useful tools. You'll be shown the articles that have been shared the most frequently on Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Twitter followers, Google+, and other social platforms on a specific niche or an overall value across all channels after adding a topic and pressing search.

When creating your editorial calendar and trying to better understand the type of material that engages people on the various major social media platforms, this kind of data is invaluable.

You will likely need to hone your search by time, place, language, or date. Do you need to know which infographics or videos will best meet the needs of your target audiences? You will receive pertinent intelligence thanks to this filter.

Conduct a content marketing tools analysis report

BuzzSumo's content analysis report will give you a more comprehensive picture of the content kinds that are most popular. The power of this report lies less in the specific topic matter than in the aggregation of content types. The content analysis report provided by Buzzsumo is super handy and helps a lot in doing competitor research. This feature is handy, especially when conducting competitor analysis.

You can use a number of tools provided by BuzzSumo to evaluate the information in the target keyword search results:

By Network – Determine which social networks are distributing the information most widely by network.

By Content Type – Discover which content forms will connect with your target audience the most.

Most Shared Domains – Find out which websites are sharing the kind of material you're looking for by looking at the most shared domains. Those websites can make excellent targets for backlinks or guest posting. You'll also see the total number of backlinks pointing to the article.

By Content Length – Ascertain whether lengthy content is required to rank.

By Headlines – Examine the most read headlines on a subject to ascertain whether clickbait is the key to luring people.

By Day Published – When a topic is published on a particular day of the week, it may be seen whether it performs better.

Create a real-time monitoring system

For seasoned digital marketers, tracking keywords, brands, and competitors is nothing new. Monitoring's inclusion in BuzzSumo's toolkit, however, is merely the cherry on top. 

Depending on whether real-time is required, you can establish daily alerts or weekly digests, as you might imagine. Engagement metrics for each linking page can help you evaluate the strength of each backlink. But unfortunately, there are no authority metrics in the Backlinks tool, so it can be tough to figure out which pages pass the most link juice.

Numerous Filtering Options

The next good thing about Buzzsumo's content analyzer is its “Filters.” On BuzzSumo, you may filter your search results based on the following factors:

Country Name – Only show results for that country. You can enter either the full country name ("Germany") or the two-letter abbreviation ("Ge"). If you're targeting a local market and you're only interested in trending content in a specific region, you can click Trending by Country and select the country you want to focus on.

Language – Display results in that language.

Domain Name – Display results for one or more domains, delimited by commas.

Content Material – Display results based on the content type, such as what post, why post, infographic, list, or video.

Word Count – Only show in-depth articles; exclude all flimsy material.

Publisher Size – Depending on the extent of their publications (large and small publishers), huge publishers can be excluded or included. Once you know these aspects of trending web content, it will become easier to produce useful and engaging content or promote your already published content on the web.

BuzzSumo can help with In-depth content inquiries

BuzzSumo is simple to use, but there are many opportunities for advanced users to conduct far more focused searches that go far beyond a straightforward topic or long tail term. The best part is that you can use the ordinary search bar to conduct your power search. The tool allows you to start by excluding words or domains from your query. For instance, excluding "" from your search criteria will prevent YouTube videos from appearing in your search results.

You may also search for numerous topics at once by using the "OR" operator. In reality, all you need to do is enter the domain name in the search window to get the most popular content on any given website. That's a fantastic technique to discover what's most effective for rival websites. Last but not least, BuzzSumo lets you search for content based on the author. Just put "author:" before the author's name.

BuzzSumo can help Influencer Marketing

Through influencer marketing, several strategists are promoting their brands. Additionally, BuzzSumo can assist with influencer search. If you're not aware of influencer marketing, it entails approaching powerful people in your industry and persuading them to promote your company. They'll frequently do that by distributing articles from your website. That is how content marketing and influencer marketing are related.

BuzzSumo's creators recognized this and developed an influencer marketing option to assist you in finding influential people who will promote your brand. Similar to how you would use it to find content, utilize the tool to find influencers. Simply type a subject or domain and press the "Go!" button. Click the Influencers tab at the top of the results page. Search for influencers by entering keywords related to your content. You can use them to find the leading Twitter influencers, Facebook posts, YouTube channels, and authors in your niche.

Pros and Cons of BuzzSumo

Here are some online comments made about the product by BuzzSumo users.

The Pros:

  • Makes it easier to find the most popular material on a given topic
  • Result filtering is simple
  • User-friendly
  • Finds important influencers
  • Enables influencer segmentation
  • Automatic email notifications concerning rival content are provided
  • Enables you to quickly find quotes to use in your own material
  • The "Trending Now" section lists the hottest topics right now

The Cons:

  • Performs poorly in backlink analysis
  • Expensive
  • It would be great if the business created more features.
  • Why certain influencers are more significant than others is unclear.
  • Occasionally displays pointless articles
  • It's unclear whether a post got many shares because it was promoted.
  • Needs a more comprehensive influencer map

How Much Does BuzzSumo Cost?

It will cost you money if you want to utilize BuzzSumo to its full potential. All the pricing tier comes with unlimited monthly searches. Pricing starts at $99 per month on the low end. But you won't have access to the question analyzer and will only receive five alerts. The "Large" option has a monthly cost of $299. You will receive practically everything discussed in this post as a result.

However, you may only look for content up to two years in the past. A business solution will cost you $499 per month if you require one. Remember that the above costs are monthly costs. You can save 20% if you choose to pay for an annual subscription up front. In case you need to create apps using data obtained from the tool, BuzzSumo also provides an API. You'll have to pay at least $500 a month for that. Buzzsumo is a lot cheaper than Ahrefs because it is powered by Google alerts and is free to use for searching, sharing, and reading articles, posts, blogs, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which languages can I use BuzzSumo in?

A. All languages are supported by BuzzSumo in our search fields.

Q. Is it possible to combine BuzzSumo with other platforms?

A. A rundown of how to incorporate BuzzSumo data into other applications in your stack.

Q. What is an "Evergreen Score"?

A. Information on the methodology used by BuzzSumo to determine how "evergreen" engaging content is.

Q. Which social media platforms does BuzzSumo support?

A. A list of the social networks from which BuzzSumo can collect data for our influencer and content databases.

Q. Do you provide a BuzzSumo version that is free?

A. Users of BuzzSumo can get a limited free plan that offers only a few search results.