Duda Website Builder Review

Wondering if Duda is the right website builder for you? Our in-depth review looks at its features and pricing options to help you make an informed decision.


Powering over 450,000 businesses worldwide, the Duda website builder aims to make responsive, quality web design simple. Thanks to its drag-and-drop editor and simple templates. With this site builder, simplicity is the selling point.

Duda allows users to easily and quickly build good-looking instant websites that look amazing on tablets, smartphones, and desktops. What's more, Duda builder lets you create websites with little technical or design knowledge required. It's all-inclusive and provides everything you need to get online and grow your business.

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Who Should Use Duda?

Duda is an excellent option for web designers and freelancers who are building websites for clients. The website builder particularly benefits agencies, solopreneurs, and small businesses. Let's look at some of the audiences who can take advantage of using Duda and why.

Duda for SaaS platforms

SaaS users will be pleased to know that Duda lets you embed its white label web design platform with your solution. Besides that, you can create your own custom widgets and ram them into your client's sites.

Duda for Agencies

Duda has a product intended for agencies, where they will benefit from a plethora of features that can help take their agency to the next level. In particular, agencies get access to:

  • team collaboration tools
  • white label tools
  • SSL certificate, web hosting, and maintenance
  • client management tools
  • Duda's sites are optimized using Google Lighthouse best practices

Duda for Web Hosting Companies

Duda makes it easy for web hosting companies to build beautiful websites synced with their customer data. The website builder helps you increase your revenue by upsells and providing your customers with flexible payment options.

Duda At A Glance/Features

Duda is supported by a wide range of excellent features that make it unique from the crowd. Let's take a look at some of the features that make Duda stand out.

Duda's Website Editor and Templates

The Duda website builder offers about 98 professionally designed templates. Hence, you have a lot of choices to select from to create the website of your dreams. Other than that, there are ten blank layouts that you can use to create a custom website from scratch.

But to make your search easier, you can filter the results by category. And to name a few, online store, portfolio, travel, and business. Before deciding which template to use, you can preview it via mobile, tablet, and desktop views to make sure it meets your needs across all devices.

What's more, editing the pre-filled content of your chosen template is as simple as just several clicks. Plus, adding new sections like contact forms, testimonials, galleries, and more is equally effortless. The same goes for changing menu layouts, replacing images, and editing background colors and border widths.

Also, Duda's templates are excellently structured. With that said, so it's impossible just to put anything anywhere. This limitation downgrades your creative freedom. Rather, you can make changes within the template's rules.

Drag-and-Drop Design

Duda is a responsive site builder. It frees you from web development and coding knowledge. As the name suggests, you can simply drag and drop content blocks to wherever you want on your web page.

You don't need to be a tech-savvy person or hire a web developer to create a responsive website. Even if you're starting from scratch with Duda, you can still build a website on your own.


Duda offers a wide array of widgets, including:

  • Yelp and Twitter feeds
  • Social sharing
  • Maps
  • Upload files like spreadsheets or PDFs
  • Accept PayPal donations
  • Disqus or Facebook comments
  • Issue coupon codes
  • Appointment scheduling with OpenTable and vCita reservations
  • Click-to-email and click-to-call buttons
  • Contact forms and pop-ups that can be integrated with your email marketing tool

If the widget you want isn't ready-made, Duda allows you to build your custom-made modules.

Dynamic Content and Personalization

The Duda website builder allows you to add dynamic content to any site, even when you're on the free plan. Also, you can set personalized content to show up to site visitors based on triggers such as the number of previous visits, geolocation, the day o the year, time of day, etc.

These triggers can then summon the content and other actions like Facebook like buttons, feedback requests, pop-ups, and more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is essential for any website that wants to rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs). The good news is that Duda has many features to help you with that.

  • All Duda websites are Google Page speed optimized upon creation.
  • Load times are reduced thanks to the site builder's Content Delivery Network (CDN), which hosts all static files.
  • Duda provides a local business schema that helps increase website discoverability.
  • Duda websites are supported by IndexNow.
  • The site builder provides a free SSL certificate that can help boost your site's SEO rankings.
  • Duda websites automatically respond to the kind of device it's being viewed on.
  • Robots.txt is automatically included.
  • For each Duda site, a sitemap is generated.
  • Duda supports Open Graph, which makes sharing a site description, title, and image with social networks easier.
  • With Duda, you can control the page titles, meta keywords and descriptions, page URLs, and alt and description tags on images for optimal search engine visibility.

Ecommerce Solutions

The Duda web builder allows you to quickly set up an ecommerce or online store using the WYSIWYG interface. Some of the best ecommerce features offered by Duda include:

  • Use Stripe or PayPal payment processors
  • Duda doesn't take transaction fees
  • Ecommerce stores can automatically add prices, shipping times, and taxes
  • Customize product pages and create categories
  • Monitor stock levels
  • Sell of downloadable digital products
  • Design and display coupon codes
  • Track performance of your PPC campaigns, affiliate links, and email campaigns
  • Free SSL encryption certificates

Pricing Options

Duda offers one custom enterprise-level plan for larger businesses and three standard subscription plans. All plans provide access to the Duda App Store, multi-language support, HTTPS encryption, and secure Amazon Web Services hosting.

Basic plan

This plan costs $14/month with annual billing ($19 with monthly billing). The Basic plan offers support for one Duda website. Also, it's limited to the most basic tools and email support.

Team plan

This plan costs $22/month with annual billing ($29 with monthly billing). Upgrading to a Team plan unlocks phone support, live chat, access to client and team management features, and custom branding across the platform.

Agency plan

This plan costs $44/ month with annual billing ($59 with monthly billing). The Agency plan adds support to four sites, along with priority support. Also, the plan allows you to add about ten people. Additionally, it unlocks advanced tools like a powerful widget builder and website exports.

Custom plan

The most expensive plan is a custom enterprise-level plan that's only available to businesses with specific needs. Popular inclusions here are streamlined integration with external databases, full onboarding, a single sign-on tool, and full API support. Contact Duda's sales team for more information about this plan.


  • excellent for multilingual websites
  • easy drag-and-drop editor
  • website personalization tools
  • backup and restore feature
  • fast loading speed
  • scalable
  • 14-day free trial
  • third-party integrations
  • team collaboration
  • import content
  • powerful traffic analysis
  • strong ecommerce options
  • more than 100 templates in Duda's template library
  • unlimited monthly data transfers and storage with all plans


  • email newsletter available to higher-paid tiers
  • Duda plans are on the pricier side
  • limited customization
  • few apps
  • limited SEO
  • the selection of apps is limited
  • some page editing issues
  • limited attention toward individual customers
  • basic marketing features

Is Duda Worth The Switch?

Duda is genuinely worth considering with a ton of educational resources, multiple personalization options, and an intuitive editor. It's one of the most powerful site builders out there, and it's easy to see why so many businesses are making the switch.

While it can become costly as you take on new clients and scale your agency, Duda is undoubtedly one of the most robust and versatile site builders currently available. You can purchase ecommerce add-ons and collaborate with your team with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Duda suited for blogs?

A. We wouldn't recommend Duda for bloggers, as it's geared more towards businesses. While it does offer some blogging tools, they're not as powerful compared to other website builders.

Q. Does Duda include a free domain?

A. No. Duda does not include a free domain in all its plans.

Q. Are Duda sites secure?

A. Yes, Duda websites are secure. The platform provides users with an SSL Certificate, which encrypts information and ensures that your site is safe from hackers.

Q. Is it possible to create responsive websites with Duda?

A. Yes. Duda's responsive editor ensures that your website will look great on all devices, from desktop to mobile.

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