Freshworks CRM for E-Commerce Review

Freshsales helps you build momentum for your sales pipeline and drives deals to closure effortlessly.


Freshsales Shopify CRM offers a simple and lightweight solution for small business owners who want to get their business off the ground. It offers extensive intelligence and automation, plus it helps businesses simplify their sales processes, close more deals, and gain insight into their customers.

Additionally, Freshsales' customizable and intuitive interface makes it an excellent option for those new to CRMs. For many new business owners, attracting leads and managing customer relationships can be a daunting task. Still, Freshsales makes it easy to get started and scale up as your business grows.

It automates the process, providing you with the essential tools to understand your leads and how to best engage with them. Does this software make sense for your business? Let's take a closer look.

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What is Freshsales Shopify CRM?

Freshsales is a cloud-based CRM tool or software made for sales teams. It was launched in 2010 and is part of a massive suite of tools called Freshworks ecosystem. All of which integrate seamlessly and share a common goal: to make your business more productive.

Freshsales combines everything from an account and contact management, sales sequences, built-in chat, and email to contact lifecycle stages. And depending on the package you choose, you can access everything from chat and WhatsApp Business campaigns to AI-powered insights into your sales data.

It also offers access to automatic profile enrichment, which means your AI solutions can add data to your contact lists in real-time. Freshsales also has a mobile app that users can use to access their data on the go.

Plus, the affordable selection of packages to choose from makes it an attractive solution for small businesses and startups.

Who Should Use Freshsales Shopify CRM?

Freshsales isn't for everyone. Some may find it too simplistic or lacking in features, and others may find the interface too dated. To know whether or not Freshsales is the right CRM for your business, let's explore who it's best suited for:

Businesses Needing A CRM with Call Management Features

Freshsales offers extraordinary and unique call center features such as Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) and virtual hold. These features are beneficial for businesses that need to communicate with customers via phone calls frequently.

Businesses Needing A Free CRM

Freshsales is also ideal for businesses needing a free CRM. It offers a free package plan for unlimited users. The good news is that it comes with basic contact management and sales automation features, which are handy for businesses just starting.

Businesses With Mobile Field Sales Team

As mentioned, Freshsales has a mobile app. It has built-in geolocation and dialer, deal, account, and contact management. These features are helpful for businesses with sales agents who are frequently on the go and need mobile access to their data.

Real Estate Professionals Needing An Easy-to-Use, Free CRM

For brokerages and real estate agents that are seeking a simple and free solution, Freshsales is an excellent choice. It offers a wide range of features that are essential for managing leads and customers, such as appointment management, marketing, and webform lead generation.

Key Features

Freshsales is equipped with the tools businesses need to attract leads, engage with customers, and close deals based on data-driven insights. Let's take a closer look at some of its key features:


With Freshsales CRM, you can effortlessly customize and personalize your account and settings to fit your business requirements or needs. Freshsale lets you create and track sales activities.

Thus, you can easily monitor your customer appointments, interactions, and performance. Other things you can customize with Freshsales include:

  • contact fields
  • business modules
  • contact lifecycle stages
  • roles and permissions
  • language
  • currencies

Marketing Automation

Freshsales helps boost your sales team's productivity and efficiency by automating time-consuming and repetitive manual tasks. It automatically assigns contacts, leads, and chat conversations to the right sales representative based on specific criteria such as available bandwidth and skill level.

Additionally, the Freshsales automation feature includes an activity timeline, workflows, email templates, web forms, and sales sequences.


The email integration feature of Freshsales gives you the ability to create and track email communications with customers and leads. Freshsales chat software serves as a powerful communication tool that connects you with your website visitors and customers in real-time.

What's more, it features a built-in phone that allows you to make calls and record them directly in the CRM. Plus, you can schedule Zoom meetings and communicate with customers via Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, and SMS within the CRM.

Pipeline Management

You can also create, track, and manage sales pipelines with Freshsales. It provides a 360-degree view of your deals by setting probabilities, due dates, and revenue. Additionally, Freshsales enables you to set up your product catalog and track and define sales goals based on revenue and closed deals. Another thing, you can use Slack to talk with your sales team about specific deals right from the CRM. And its CPQ add-on provides you with customizable templates for quotes and contracts.

Freddy AI

Freddy AI is Freshsales AI-powered assistant. It helps boost your productivity by providing you with smart suggestions for tasks, upcoming meetings, and deal closures.

Additionally, you can use its custom bots to send welcome messages to your leads. Other than that, Freddy AI allows you to know which contacts or leads must be prioritized, gives your revenue and sales forecasts, and predict the odds of success of your deals.

Reporting And Analytics

Freshsales give you actionable insights that allow you to make data-driven decisions. This data demonstrates how long it takes to convert a lead, how effective your sales activities are, and what's working or not in your sales process. Also, you can generate reports using premade templates.

Mobile App

The software's mobile app lets you move deals through the pipeline when you're away from your desk. You can access and edit customer data even when you're offline. The app allows you to send bulk emails and SMS, view the analytics dashboard, join Zoom meetings, and add voice notes. Best of all, its geolocation feature lets you find the location of your contact, record a client visit, and book a ride for your meetings.


Expand the capabilities and functionalities of Freshsales by integrating it with the tools or apps you use. You can connect it with third-party applications through Zapier, Marketplace, and API access. Some of the notable integrations include:

  • Outlook
  • Xero
  • Trello
  • DocuSign
  • PandaDoc
  • HubSpot
  • Mailchimp

What You'll Like/Dislike About Freshsales CRM

With all the features and functions that Freshsales offer, you may think that it's the perfect CRM solution for your business. But like any other software, Freshsales also has its own set of pros and cons. Here's a quick rundown of what you'll like and dislike about this CRM software.


  • intuitive interface
  • automatic prompts to guide you
  • complimentary onboarding session
  • you can customize a lot of things
  • quickly look at the information in the CRM
  • know the interaction of the clients
  • find new customers
  • well-structured calendar
  • affordable paid plans
  • advanced AI insights and forecasting
  • mobile app with voice note features
  • forever free plan
  • contact leads via phone, email, and chat for all plans
  • AI-powered lead scoring


  • limited integrations
  • no reports for the free plan
  • customer supports only available on weekdays
  • lead generation tools only available on the highest tier
  • a complex pricing structure for add-ons

How Much Does Freshsales Shopify CRM Cost?

There are three paid tiers and a free plan for Freshsales Shopify CRM.


This free forever plan is best for small sales teams. The plan includes the following features:

  • mobile app
  • 24x5 support
  • built-in phone, email, and chat support
  • contact lifecycle stages
  • contact and account management


This plan costs $18 per user per month. It's suited for growing sales teams. The plan includes everything in the Free plan, plus:

  • WhatsApp Business
  • visual sales pipeline
  • at least 2,000 bot sessions per month
  • sales sequences
  • AI-powered predictive contact scoring


This plan costs $47 per user per month. It's suited for mid-sized businesses with numerous sales teams. The plan includes everything in the Growth plan, plus:

  • sales teams and territory management
  • at least 3,000 bot sessions per month
  • multiple sales pipelines
  • Next Best Action and AI-powered deal insights
  • time-based workflows


This plan costs $83 per user per month. It's suited for large companies. The plan includes everything in the Pro plan, plus:

  • dedicated account manager
  • at least 5,000 bot sessions per month
  • custom modules
  • audit logs
  • AI-based forecasting insights

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Freshsales the same as Freshworks?

A. No. Freshsales is part of the suite of tools offered by Freshworks.

Q. Is Freshsales a good CRM?

A. It depends on your needs and preferences. Some people may find it suitable, while others may not.

Q. Can I send bulk emails with Freshsales?

A. Yes. You can send bulk emails with Freshsales.

Q. Is Freshsales free?

A. Yes. There is a free plan for Freshsales. However, it has limited features.