Keap CRM

Keap CRM Review

Find out if the Keap CRM software is right for you. In this review, we'll discuss its key features so that you can make the right decision when choosing a business management software for yourself or for your company.


Keap is an all-in-one sales & online marketing automation and CRM platform designed to help small businesses grow their customer base and revenue. With this tool, a small business owner can manage sales processes, automate their marketing tasks, and track customer data all in one place.

It cuts out repetitive tasks and busy work to make room for more important things, like developing relationships with customers and growing your business. Less work, more growth — that's the Keap way.

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What is Keap CRM?

Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, was launched in 2001 and was founded by Clate Mask and Scott Martineau. Its core offering includes:

  • Lead Generation
  • Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • CRM

But Keap's best feature is its strong CRM. Why? A CRM is only as good as its ability to help you manage your customer relationships effectively. And Keap's CRM does just that with its features, automation, and integrations. Plus, it's affordable for small businesses.

Best of all, Keap CRM is one of the easiest to use, with an understandable interface and straightforward tools. It provides valuable insights into your business and customers that help you make better decisions.

Who Should Use Keap CRM?

Now that we know what Keap CRM can do, let's look at who should use this tool:

Businesses Who Need A CRM With Ecommerce Tools

Keap is armed with all the essential tools for order checkout, invoicing, and payments. Hence, you can effortlessly track customer payments and send invoices via email. CRMs that don't have these ecommerce features make it hard to streamline your sales process from start to finish. So, if you're running an online store, Keap is a great choice.

Businesses Relying On Email Marketing Campaigns

Keap is also great for companies that rely heavily on email marketing campaigns. The software allows you to send unlimited emails and utilize its modern template library for your broadcasts and newsletters. Additionally, it gives you smart tips on how to improve your email open rates and increase delivery.

Businesses Needing A CRM With Advanced Sales Automation Tools

Keap provides a solid set of marketing and sales automation tools. It can be used to automate payments, invoicing, workflows, tasks, and text messaging. And that's something that not a lot of CRMs can boast about. If you need help automating your business processes, Keap is definitely worth considering.

Key Features

As mentioned, Keap is equipped or armed with intuitive tools for reporting and analytics, sales pipeline management, email marketing, sales and marketing automation, and client and lead management. What's more, it offers tools for order processing, invoicing, quotes, and payments.

But let's dive in at the most important features Keap has on offer:

Customer Relationship Management

Keap doesn't disappoint when it comes to managing your customer relationships. Their CRM feature lets you house and track all your customer data in one place. Also, you can easily follow up with customers, set reminders, and create tasks.

Keap CRM software allows you to:

  • use automated internal forms
  • personalize messages and customize your email templates
  • pull up any shared files
  • quickly see your customer details
  • choose from many different pre-made templates

Sales & Marketing Automation

With Keap, you can automate your sales and marketing tasks to save time and effort. For example, you can send automatic follow-up emails, create workflows, and set tasks. You can also automate your payment processes and invoicing.

Plus, Keap's marketing automation features let you:

  • track your leads
  • create custom fields
  • add notes to each contact record
  • set up drip campaigns
  • schedule broadcasts and newsletters

Reporting & Analytics

Keap's reporting and analytics features give you the insights you need to make informed decisions about your business. With Keap, you can:

  • view sales reports
  • see your marketing ROI
  • get an overview of your business finances
  • analyze your customer behavior
  • track your progress over time

Kanban-Style Pipeline

Keap's sales pipeline is inspired by Kanban, and it allows you to track every deal throughout the sales process in one view. That means you can create new deals and attach and assign them to the right salespeople.

And this gives you a great overview of your entire sales process at any given time, and it helps you to see where deals are stuck so that you can take action. Kanban is a flexible system that can be adapted to any business, and it's especially well-suited to Keap because it helps you to track and manage a large volume of deals.

Best of all, adding automation to your sales pipelines is very easy. You can use Keap's built-in rules to automatically move deals forward based on certain conditions, or you can add custom actions to your sales pipeline to automate tasks like sending emails or creating tasks.

Keap Tags

This feature allows you to segment your leads and customers so that you can send targeted communications. For example, you can tag leads who have visited your pricing page but haven't signed up for a free trial.

You can also use tags to automatically trigger workflows and assign tasks. For instance, you can create a workflow that adds a lead to a nurture campaign if they're tagged as "interested."

Keap Templates

Keap has a massive library of templates for every type of email you could possibly need to send. And they're all customizable, so you can easily add your branding.

There are templates for lead nurturing, promotional emails, cart abandonment, event invitations, and more. Plus, there are a ton of great-looking newsletter templates that you can use to stay in touch with your list.

And if you need help creating a custom template, Keap's team of experts can do it for you.

What You'll Like/Dislike About Keap CRM

Let's explore some of the things you'll like and dislike about Keap CRM.


  • user-friendly, excellent fit for small businesses that want a simple software
  • easy to optimize
  • provides preconfigured fields and guided instructions
  • intuitive home dashboard
  • offers quick access to recent activities
  • quickly add or remove widgets
  • easy automation
  • includes a robust set of email marketing tools
  • has great delivery features
  • easily create and send personalized quotes
  • Kanban-style pipeline
  • excellent customer service
  • offers a dedicated business phone line
  • plenty of integrations


  • new online businesses will find Keap CRM pretty heavy
  • can be quite expensive
  • no auto-save feature
  • the entry-level contact limit is just 500 per month
  • it takes some time to set up
  • overwhelming learning curve
  • no separate system to track finances

How Much Does Keap Cost?

Pricing is based on the number of contacts in your database, ranging from 500 to 25,000.

Keap Lite

Keap Lite starts at $79 per user per month. It's best for new businesses and solo entrepreneurs. The plan includes:

  • Internal forms
  • CRM
  • Reminders and reports
  • SMS and email marketing tools
  • Appointment scheduling tools
  • Marketing automation tool
  • Invoice and quote generator
  • B2B capabilities

Keap Pro

Keap Pro starts at $159 per user per month. It's best for growing marketing and sales teams. The plan includes everything in the Keap Lite plus:

  • A/B testing
  • Sales pipelines
  • Recurring payments
  • Landing pages
  • Marketing automation tools

Keap Max

Keap Max starts at $199 per user per month. It's best for large companies with numerous sales teams. The plan includes everything in the Keap Pro plus:

  • Analytics
  • Checkout forms
  • Lead scoring
  • Subscription management

Keap Max Classic

Keap Max Classic is a custom plan for large enterprises or companies with advanced ecommerce and sales needs. The plan includes everything in the Keap Max and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Keap CRM easy to use?

A. Yes. Keap CRM is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use.

Q. Can I try Keap CRM for free?

A. Yes. Keap offers a 14-day free trial, so you can try the software before you buy it.

Q. What's the difference between Keap and Infusionsoft?

A. Keap is the new name for Infusionsoft. The company rebranded in May 2019.

Q. Does Keap CRM have a mobile app?

A. Yes. There is a Keap CRM mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. It allows you to access your account, contacts, and tasks on the go.