This is a comprehensive review of Can this tool be used to organize your projects, improve performance by sharing data, and increase the efficiency of your workflows? Let's find out.

Overview is one of the best project management software and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms available today. Why? Because of its scalability, versatility, impressive feature set, and reasonable practice tag.

This task management tool is so intuitive, easy, and visual that you don't need the training to use it. Hence, creating your ideal workflow is a breeze, and you can be up and running in no time. Plus, the visual, easy-to-use interface allows any team member to contribute and add their own creativity to the mix without feeling bogged down. is truly versatile. You can use it for managing anything from the most complex enterprise projects to your personal to-do list. The software is also flexible and adaptable so that it will grow with your business.

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What is CRM and Project Management Software? is founded by Roy Mann, Eran Zinman, and Eran Kampf in 2012. It's a cloud-based work operating system (OS) and is the leading project collaboration solution that simplifies project management through synchronization and organization of information in a centralized database. Thus, providing a platform where team members can make decisions together.

But that's not all; it can be used as a customer relationship management or CRM as well. You can use to manage customer projects, track bugs, manage your ad campaigns, and manage video production.

Additionally, with customizable workflows and a highly visual scheduling interface, adapts to the way you and your team members work.

Who Should Use is suitable for any company because it is so versatile. It can be used for project management, human resources, customer relations, etc.

Also, is especially useful for companies expanding quickly or working on multiple projects at once. The platform makes it easy to track progress and assigned tasks, which is crucial when trying to keep everything organized.

Freelancers, small businesses, non-profit organizations, remote workers, and even large corporations can benefit from using Basically, anyone who needs help staying organized and keeping track of their work will find to be a valuable asset.

Key Features isn't without its impressive feature set. Here are some of the most notable features:

Visual interface

The visual interface is one of the best features of It makes it easy to see what needs to be done and who is responsible for each task. Hence, it eliminates the need for tedious and time-consuming tracking methods. has adopted a vivid color coding that makes everything on the interface pop out. The tabs are easily distinguishable, and you can quickly find what you need with a glance.

The interface is also highly customizable. You can create your workspace by adding or removing columns and tiles. That makes it easy to track progress on specific projects.

You can see what stage each project is in by looking at the tiles. The tile color changes as the project move from one stage to the next. That makes it easy to see which projects are on track and which ones need more work.

Another thing, provides excellent board views, delivering an Excel-like layout, but the board views provide amazing features to search and group project data.

Together, the board views and color scheme create an interactive and visual workspace for users.


Anything that slows down your support staff and sales must be removed from the workflow. And the significant culprit here would be repetitive, mundane tasks.

The key to eliminating these time-wasting tasks is automation. has work management tools that allow you to automate your workflow and save time so your team can focus on more important things.

So, how does it work? With, you can create automation rules that heed the "if this, then that" format. They require no technical skills, are very easy to use, and can help you simplify your entire CRM workflow.

For example, you have a new lead. You can assign the lead as an item or a task in the Sales Pipeline. Then, you can create an automation rule that when the status of the task is changed to "Closed" or "Won," the task will automatically be set up on the Projects Board with all the information. Also, sends automatic notifications to your staff or other team members.

Numbers Column

You can quickly track budgets and time with's new numbers column. It allows you to track progress and see how much work has been completed.

The numbers column is also great for tracking sales figures. You can see how many sales have been made, the value of each sale, and the total number of sales. This feature is handy for project managers who need to keep track of budget and time. With the numbers column, they can quickly see if a project is on track or not.

Create And Mention Teams

It's now possible to create and mention your team on The team feature is excellent for project managers who need to keep track of their team's progress. Just simply type the @name of the team or member to mention them in the comments section.

It's a great way to keep everyone on the same page and avoid confusion. It's also an excellent way to build team morale by letting everyone know that their work is appreciated.

Analytics allows you to get analytics instantly. Instead of manually entering data in this online CRM, you can easily add a dashboard that visualizes all sales or project team data in real-time.

It provides a crystal clear view of expected revenue, sales numbers, project progress, etc. Additionally, you can use at least twenty different visual widgets to manage your CRM process and sales team in one place.

What You'll Like/Dislike About Project Management Tool

To know more about this online CRM software, here are some things you'll like and dislike about it.


  • ease of use
  • the ability to set project milestones (choose colors and name)
  • provides enough automation
  • amazing customer support team
  • the ability to invite others into your workspace
  • the ability to share your timelines and progress
  • flexible and highly customizable
  • modern user interface
  • includes 200+ templates for creating automation and boards
  • visual dashboard


  • lost multiple processes between the management team and their client
  • tricky follow-up process for each client
  • missing cross-references between projects and boards
  • unreliable email tracking
  • confusing pricing plans

How Much Does Cost?

The platform's pricing is unique. No other project management tools have this pricing model. The cost is based on the number of seats you need plus the plan you choose. The minimum number of seats is three, and the maximum is 200+.


For individuals who want to keep track of their personal projects, there is a free forever plan. This plan allows you to add up to five seats. The plan includes:

  • unlimited docs
  • up to 3 boards
  • 200+ templates
  • iOS and Android apps
  • over 20 column types
  • 500 MB storage space


The Basic Plan starts at $10 per seat per month. It's perfect for managing all your team's work in one place. The plan includes everything on the Free plan, plus:

  • 5GB file storage
  • unlimited free viewers
  • the ability to create a dashboard based on one board
  • unlimited items
  • prioritized customer support


The Standard Plan starts at $12 per seat per month. It's perfect for collaborating and optimizing your team processes. The plan includes everything on the Basic plan, plus:

  • calendar view
  • timeline and Gantt views
  • guest access
  • 250 automation actions per month
  • 250 integration actions per month
  • the ability to create a dashboard that merges up to five boards


The Pro Plan starts at $20 per seat per month. It's perfect for streamlining and running your team's complex workflows. The plan includes everything on the Standard plan, plus:

  • time tracking
  • chart view
  • private docs and boards
  • formula column
  • dependency column
  • 25,000 automation actions per month
  • 25,000 integration actions per month
  • the ability to create a dashboard that merges at least ten boards


This custom plan is perfect for businesses looking for all the features an enterprise-grade offers. The plan includes everything in the Pro plan, plus:

  • advanced reporting and analytics
  • enterprise-scale integrations and automation
  • enterprise-grade governance and security
  • multi-level permissions
  • premium support
  • tailored onboarding
  • the ability to create a dashboard that merges at least fifty boards

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does integrate with?

A. Some notable or significant integrations include Excel, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Zoom, Mailchimp, Google Suite, and Slack.

Q. Can I use for free?

A. Yes, there is a free forever plan that allows you to add up to five seats.

Q. Can I break down items within boards?

A. Yes, you can. support subtasks.

Q. How do I delete a board on

A. To delete a board, go to the Board Menu > Delete Board. You'll be asked to confirm before the board is permanently deleted.